I will be not here for while (UNUSABLE)

i will tell good bye chicken invaders and all my friends in topics for a while

You can just do this in chatting place.


no one gonna see it);

Only IA won’t see it

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Maybe not all, but a few or more people for sure.

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thats rlea sad, il’l miss your epic chechen invador omnivert’s gameprays

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good bye francis


Anyways, about your topic,


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to be honest this topic is useless

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if you want to tell anything same this just say it in chatting place not in a topic


but we know for fact that mohamed be notn’tn’t an alt thank to prof

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Yeah, thank god that’s not an alt

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u r welcome i will miss you :cry: :cry: :cry:


We will miss you too

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what is the reason? but anyway we will miss you too i hope you return soon

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