I was #1 once


Well that was good, but can you please post it here next time?https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/t/chatting-place/10193/1086
You could talk anything there (related to CIU).

thank you, i really apreciate that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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did you make that “chatting-place”?

It was made by iA himself

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no i didn’t it was Interaction Studios.

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Then why do you appreciate my gesture of moving that post into that topic?

Because that topic is a better place

This is #1 at Recent tab, you can get #1 there by simply playing, even surrendering after one wave would get you there until someone else plays after you


Well because i was glad you do it.

Why not it was nice anyway. Right?


Oh, also make sure to just give a like rather than a reply like “yes”,“i agree” without a conteks or any information. So this forum will not flooded with non importat reply. :wink:
(Don’t worry people will apreciated that)

As @B256, there is no point of creating a whole topic about this. I did that once, but changed it to be a worthwhile one.

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Maybe you’re right. sometime i could be talkative even i didn’t realized i’ve been talk too much.

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