I want to recommend to a friend chicken invaders games ...suggestions?

The title says it all.
Any suggestions on how to let him try the games?
He his a Fortnite player who wants a completly different type of game to relax on, and to have fun after weeks (according to him) without pure entertainment.
We have very similar videogame tastes, so I immediately thought about chicken invaders.
Should I let him start with ROTY (as a pure bad friend) from Universe (because it’s free and because it will give the impressions of a newcomer here in the forum) or from the 4th (In my opinion the best for a novice)?
Thanks for the attention

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The firſt.

CI4 is the best for the first timer.

CI3 is a has bit outdated graphics for now. If he plays fortnite, that means he wants good graphics at least(or I think he does). Try 4 and 5. If he like these games. Play him 2 3 and lastly universe

Thanks for the replyes!
(I will suggest him 4 or 5)

chicken invaders DOS

Hope your friend likes them