I want someone help me to install 2002 mode song for ciu

I even saw that topics but didnt help

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I need tuturial for installation i told i checked topics

Did you also check the video tutorial(s) on modding the game? It’s in the first post of that topic Plasma mentioned.

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No bro link it ill see

The link to the topic is already provided in the form of a quote. Assuming you’re on desktop, click the topic’s name, which leads you to the quoted post in said topic. Then, using the fast blue scrollbar on the right, scroll all the way up to the first post.



(you can also click on the topic title to go up)

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Or that. That’s even simpler than the method I mentioned, thx

The installation instructions are all in my Party Like It’s 2002 - Ultimate Music Pack post, you just have to scroll down a bit:

I listed the whole installion process there, with additional informations on top of that, so you can’t go wrong with that.


Pro-tip: You can also link to a specific header of a post by right-clicking the link button that appears upon hovering a header, then clicking “Copy link”.


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Thanks, I didn’t knew about that, now I know. I’ll keep that in mind for other times.

Either way, I already gave the instructions to follow and the link to it, so just follow them step by step and you’re good to go.


but iami is not opening

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