I think my progress is lost

I did not do anythink strange to my pc…and I did have the save of the game…when I open the game…they its all like new begining…
I think that the savegame from the 34 update just got corupted…
luckily I’ve got all the folders from all the updates so…if I delete de 34 folder…i will lost the progress from the last days…but at least I will not lost all the progress… or not?..because it seems that I am in the same place that I was yesterday…
@InterAction_studios can you confirm that I am wright?

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Do not delete 34 folder, back it up in the case IA needs it to discover the reasons.

As for other things — no, you will not lose any progress from the last day you played the game. As said in F.A.Q, profile only contains your user information, something like ID, not the data itself. Rename “34” folder to “corrupted 34” for example and the game will create new 34 folder out of any of your previous version folders if you have one (even from v1).

Oh, and back up your screenshots.


From the presence of corrupt and corrupt_local files something did indeed go wrong with your profile. This is driving me crazy, profiles are reset to zero even though I save two different copies :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: And there are other reports on the internet that suggest this is a generalized problem, but neither Microsoft nor anyone else has discovered anything on how to solve it.

As @VerMishelb says, if you rename the 34 folder to something else, then the game will look for and upgrade your 33 (or previous) folder. You will not lose any progress.

Are you using Windows 10? Which antivirus, if any? Did you make any changes to your PC’s software (even updates count) that might have caused this?


Windows 7 no antivirus… no recent update!!!

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