I need your opinions and suggestions

Hello everyone
I’ve got a little question for you all:
Since I have only played CI3 and, as I see, there are some mechanics in CIU (like how the satellites work) that are taught in previous releases. Should I play CI4/5 before anything, or go straight to the unknown?
I’m worried about that simply because I probably won’t have such fun with the Early Access as if I knew the basics of the game.

I appreciate any type of suggestions, have a great day folks!

Yes, go first for CI4 and CI5 because if you play CIU first you will be disappointed how easy are the bosses in episodes.


I would suggest playing the last 2 entries as they’re really fun, but I see no problem just skipping to CIU as most of the mechanics are really simple and self-explanatory.

“Some of the newer mechanics that are carried over from 4/5 (mostly just satellites, keys and some spiny screen stuff) most of the rest is just carried over from CI3 or completely new” [This opinion is from someone who has played every entry of the series quite a while ago, not a super technical data-miner so this may not be factually correct]

Also some of the bosses that we’re easy in 4/5 are beefed up in CIU so be prepared for much rage quitting

Though if you need anything i’d be happy to help, but I might not be the most qualified person to do

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