I need some help lads

I found out today while scrolling trough steam that there is a new (to me) chicken invaders game.
I installed it, AND I LOVE IT!
It’s all i ever wanted, a crap ton of content, massive replayability etc.
I got to tier 18 today by just grinding for a copule of hours, and i have absolutely no idea what im doing.
I know i can upgrade my… spaceship i guess? But i have no idea how to.
i have 1k coins and all i did with them is buy extra lives and bombs.

Can someone tell me how to upgrade my stuff?


You can win by not dying

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Apart from not dying you get keys, obviously, that can be spent in:
• Heroware (asteroid with a rocket store) for weapons, other types of spacecrafts, better equipment etc.
• Aftermarket (green satellite circle disk flying thing) for stuff like lives, coolants, missiles, in one word the stuff that’s not very permanent.
• Heroes academy (golden statue) for… I don’t remember bruh. Difficulties my bad, they’re “skills” now. Also there’s a Chicken Invaders 1 remake mission.
• Space Burger restaurant for selling food in exchange for keys.

These stores have the same stuff as galaxy store, but prices are lower (for upgrading your own stuff, too!). Heroware might also have rare equipment (it’ll have special diamond sign near the icon). These have better stats but they’re a bit more expensive.

Oh and, coins are (kind of) useless. They only give you mission score. The currency is keys, or real money for stuff specific to IAP tab.


I wouldn’t call them useless as they help in competetive missions.

Thank you! Now i’ll (try to) die less often!

Oh and i did mean keys my mind just kinda went blank while writing.

Kind of.


Try to save more keys, and take H&C 101 advantage to grind more keys! Good luck!

Try special missions, theyre fun, also buy shields to enter special zones, and try to get them all. After you have the most expensive, search a wormhole in the galaxy (they are in the big voids, but have no name.) They have retro missions and if you explore 2 or more, you unlock travel between them, and if you gathered them all, you basically won the game (apart from medals)

I know you said but that you are saying it like that it needs to be ignored most of the time.

Because it’s the truth. They are useless for an average player. Don’t forget that many people don’t actually use the league nor participate in challenges.


considering how score is what increases your tier which can ALSO get you keys, i’d say that coins are worth getting

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Welcome @rootfish. The moron gun you are given is useless in many ways but if you get good with it you will be more prepared for more advanced weapons which can be upgraded. It is more expensive to purchase a new craft than a new weapon and upgrade it. Choose the weapon that you are most confident with and makes your mission strategy most successful, and you will get more keys with more victories. The galactic store is there if you need something now but it is worth the savings to explore and find Heroware locations. Sheeps and weaponry are much less expensive. The same is true for Aftermarket, Gus, and everything else you need to compete against these annoying chickens. Spend your keys wisely and choose your missions well and you’ll be fine. Also the pilots in this forum have pretty good advice so keep up on their posts. Fly safe. Be well all…

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I like going to all heroware stores and asking them that I want a sheep. Best reactions ever.

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