I need a little help

I mistakenly didn’t backup my progress. Hope IA’ll help.
My In-game nickname: Cap. Kane Atter

Did you lose your progress? If so,I don’t think that they can do much about it

I thought the data was save on their console or some thing like that ?

Your progress is stored in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU
IA even says that himself in every “early access” topic

Not progress technically. Only your profile info, data stored on server.

All progress data is stored on the server. The client only stores a single ID locally (so that server knows which data to retrieve).

Perhaps. But you still need the files in that folder.

True. I don’t think it’s necessary to restore progress unless you have some bug/contribution medals.

What happened that made you lose your progress? Did you move to a new computer?

I update to a new version. This problem didn’t appear before

From ver 14 to 16. And then it happened when i update to 16.2

You were in fact using v15 up until 2019-04-28. Now you’ve updated to v16?

What is the callsign of your new account? Please set a valid callsign, otherwise we can’t locate your new account.

Give me 5 hours please. I’ve just finished the final semester II test at school and I need to hold my breath

Uhh, Kane Atter is my new callsign

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