I missed the key rush level!

I just installed CIU yesterday.

Saw a special 50 wave mission in notification bar called “key rush”
It said you can play this level once and i thought it means it gone when u finished the level. I was in wave 5 and cancelled the game to restart that level but it doesn’t let me play again.
That means i lost a great chance of collecting keys. I just earn 10 keys in my 5 waves.

@InterAction_studios please let me have another try and reset that lavel for me if possible (:
(My in-game name is Ali888 too)


You can’t

For Key Rush and Daily Challenge, the mission becomes inaccessible once you complete it, fail it, or surrender it (except “Cancel mission” on first wave).

Next time exiting remember to click “End session” instead of “Surrender”. It’s too late now, unless you start a new profile on a new computer, or delete ProgramData (your profile) on your computer (uninstalling the game and reinstalling does not remove your old profile).

This mission was just a test, the game will automatically collect data from players who attempted it, so that the developer can decide about tweaking key drop rate or key multipliers. There will eventually be more extra test missions.


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