I’m never on the leaderboard for the space race

I don’t get it. How come? I’m going as quick as I can but I can’t even make it to 10th place. Any pros got any good tips?

You need the high score too

I know that but still my time isn’t very fast.

Im the same like you :sob:

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No you don’t. Not on the ſpace race. Juſt get through the waves as quickly as poſſible.

High score doesn’t mean anything in space race. Get utensil poker and 4 bird-flu guns. It’ll help.

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After you defeat boss end the sesion fast and then go back. The long stage traveling will be skiped. Dont use superweapons if the level is not chicken rings with bubles.


Yeah I use that all the time, it’s actually pretty helpful.

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