I lost tons of progress

I never lost my progress even once. Somehow I smacked my PC after losing today’s Space Race, it crashed my system and I lost all my 3 ships (Flagship Custom made), around 100+ items, my stats and my contacts. I’m so enraged right now.


Yeah, shutting down your PC while the game is still running is the best way of losing progress. Hope you had a backup


Why did you do it?

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Haven’t you read the terms “progress maybe lost”?

I do talk about it: Losing Space Race due to lags

Yeah I see the reason. But why did you do it? What was the purpose of it?

LOL! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You did this:
Arrrrgh!!! I had enough of this pc!!!
I never lose my progress, if i did, i would never enrage that much.

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If you have a backup, just stop complaining about what happened. without any joke!

It happens to be mad at something that’s not going as it should be. Lag can sometimes seriously annoy people and though it can make a person look feral and out of control, but this is normal. If people feel this rage inside, they want to discharge it at something. At some cases this might be dangerous, yet people are doing it.
I don’t blame them that they did that, but I understand.
Hope they have a backup in their hands though.

I understand some might lose progress, but they shall backup.

But backup can be corrupted. When I lost my progress on v16, only the 9th attempt to fix it worked fine. I had all the backups from v2.1 to v15.1.

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