I lost my progress!

So my computer experienced a hard reset, and now all of my progress is gone.

Can somebody help me recover it, please? I seriously need help.

Callsign is the same as my forum username.

I’m always wondering how does someone just experience a total failure of hard drive. What were you doing and what happened?

Message IA.
if you didn’t made a backup it is the ony thing to do.

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The power was cut off.

I remember not having the game open when it happened.

Weird, then it should have all the data safe.

UPDATE: Crisis averted. I managed to recover my progress. If it’s happened to you too, here’s a little guide:

@InterAction_studios Sorry for the ping, but feel free to close this topic now.


Well, as I’ve experienced it three times now, well, it sometimes starts as a benign problem, and then by attempting to fix you end up destroying everything along the way.

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