I know that is early con it...but this fix is important! (In my opinion)

We know that every content since ci2 to Ci 5 will be avaiable in universe (with more New things)

So in the future we will see a return of the yolk star in Universe

Will we be able to fight it with all of its 5 cannons?

Let me explain:


The Yolk star has 5 cannons



In Its showdown it only use 4

Is like: “I know everything for The math test but I only answer the first question!”

This is why:
At that time (ci3) the screen wasn’t expandable (when you fight egg cannon or any “big wave”) so the battle would have been absurdly more difficult than actually is

But Now… why not buffing our Yolky boi since Now is possibile?

(Sorry…I had to do that,I know that IA has more important things to do at the moment)


Its cool. I wanted it too. I think IA will add it.


Yes, i tought about the same thing. I hope IA do something about the upgrade of the bosses.


Lemme explain the reason why the fifth cannon is not visible: The fifth cannon is not seen because the The Yolk StarTM is seen fighting the hero upside down, so the cannon may be somewhere between and under the two middle cannons. (This is not bullshit, that is the cannon’s actual place)

Yes they should upgrade all the bosses and add new attack patterns, also some of them like twice infinity and brothers reunited are too zoomed out in my opinion, which makes them too easy to fight and dodge, I think that it’s possible to zoom in jjust a little bit to make it harder

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Tecnically we don’t shoot at the yolk star shell but directly onto the yolk because the cannons are near the weak point.

(This fight Break almost a dozen laws of phisics)