I just got banned

I did cheat,and i’m sorry.
But i did have a reason to cheat
I wanted to buy the CHL,but my parents wouldn’t let me spend money online even with my own.
I tried my hardest to convince them but everytime i bring up the topic i get grounded
So,my only other choice was cheating.
I wanted to cheat and get it and when i grow up i would give it back.
Please unban me @InterAction_studios im so so so sorry for cheating but i had no other choice.
If you ever want to unban me,my account is @awsrashad4@gmail.com

Once a ban is legitimate, you can not appeal the ban.
Just wait until ban ends.

Legitimate or not doesn’t mean you can appeal a ban. Btw, take a break after a month and delete/uninstall any cheating client/application from your computer

Don’t expose your email.

he did cheat at 1 time from ban at any months maybe cheating again. So you will be ban permanently

Just wait out your ban month and don’t cheat again.