I heard something that made me questions

So while playing ciu i joined a player his name was like my friend after some seconds i saw that my friend gave his account to another guy or acually he shared his account but his account isnt banned why sharing account will ban the player ??

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If someone get knows then he can report that player from here :

maybe then that player’s account is checked.

Your account is your responsibility . For example if I share my account to my friend and he uses cheats , or waste my keys , food or fuel etc. , then ?

The player told me he shared his account because he wanted from him to buy 4 icbm s

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He need to grind by himself . Everyone hard works to make a lot of progress.

Maybe he didnt know about this

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After that i gave to my friend a caution of banning account

Well thanks

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Good. Tell him about that.

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