I Have Lost My Very Old Account

Hello InterAction Stadios. I have lost my very old account in this masterpiece game. can I get it back? my name was “haha” i miss my old account :sob: i was playing it in my another old pc few years ago (about 3 years ago or more) and now i want to continue playing in my account in new pc. already i dont have game files in my old pc because my old pc have been reset very long time ago . can you help me to get my old account back? thank you very much :pray:

There is an e-mail associated with the “haha” account. You can use this e-mail to link it to the game. At the main menu, select “Accounts”, then “Link account”, then enter the e-mail and follow the instructions.


Thank you for telling but i have no access to that gmail. I dont even remember the information of gmail ( and probably the gmail have been deleted by google rules) can i get my account with another way? :cry: :face_holding_back_tears:(sorry my english is so bad :heart:)

You must DM me saying what your old e-mail was (it’s a yahoo.com account). Otherwise I can’t verify that you are the original account owner.


Oh ia my old account still thinking about it still no way? Im same as this bro

But well i dont think ineed that account my main account now have good progress

I dont remember it was few years ago. I remember I created and used that gmail only for this game. and another thing I remember is the gmail address was gossip letters ( just like “awawegdghjaw@gmail.com” or something like that ). can this help? bro come on please :worried: it was very long time ago :disappointed:

I’ve had another look and the the account “haha” is currently in use, with a very recent log in. So it’s not your own account.

The most likely explanation is that your own “haha” account was deleted due to inactivity, and then another player took your callsign. After being deleted, then there is no way to recover your account, sorry.


so, you can’t return back the account I feel sad for you.


Again, don’t expose your email in public.


WAIT WHAT ??? are you sure? no way i cant believe. can you do a fever ? me and my friend (nickname in game “hiha”) started playing this game at same time in few years ago. can you check that this account is still exist or not? if my account has been deleted, this “hiha” account must be deleted too.

An account “hiha” exists, but it’s only about 1 year old.

So, it’s possible that your friend’s account was deleted as well.


Both you and your friends love laughing that much, but now you two have to start over. It shouldn’t take that long to reclaim what you have lost to your mew accounts.

I just love the way they set their callsign as laughing sound xd.

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Generally saying, it’s recommended to have a unique callsign and an email that’s easier to remember so as to potentially ease out any recovery problems.


Nyeh heh heh


Off topic a little bit: What is that user who liked StarB post? (The one with nothing in pfp circle). On PC it shows “unknown/deleted” user.


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Ah, I see. Well, Ignored function works better than it was.

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please do something. that account was very valuable for me. now i have got shocked i cant believe my account has been deleted. not only i played this game, but also i have lived in it and easily it have been deleted. nice :slight_smile:

There’s nothing I can do. If that account was so valuable to you, then perhaps you shouldn’t have abandoned it for 3 years.