I have lost my PC :(

My PC has broken recently and it needs to be repaired. There were CIU data that were saved on my broken computer.

If this computer may not be fixed, and I’ll buy one, I’ll lose all my data and begin ALL OVER again?

Aſſuming that you don’t have a way to get files off of the hard drive, I’m afraid ſo.

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Do you have a Hard Drive from your old PC ? If you have, you can attach it to your new PC (all your data is on your Hard Drive)

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I could, but Hard Drive is with my broken PC :frowning:

Where is your broken PC ?

If you’re PC is irreparable, the people at the repair ſhop can probably help you move your needed files to your new computer.


In the Service Center :frowning:

Well, if your discs weren’t damaged, you could probably use them when your PC is sent back. But you need a working PC either way… :\

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It’s Hard Drive not discs

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Until recently pretty much all hard drives were phyſically diſcs, but now they’re ſtarting to move more to ſolid ſtate drives. Either way, it ſhould be poſſible, with the right kind of adapter, to get the files off the drive.