I have ideas add 3 missions of chicken invaders 5 to chicken invaders universe

like this
and this
OIP (1)

and thid
OIP (2)

i hope you like my ideas

Suggested already many times. It can’t be added the same way it was in ci5, the terrain would have to be made to generate randomly and to still connect properly.


They probably need to have spesific planets.

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I think he meant that these missions should exist in specific places, That’s when they get added of course.


yes if it add it be cool

Would be wonderful to see a C# implementation of these planetary missions sometime in the future

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I like how you think that’s the biggest blocker for planetary missions. And no, we don’t necessarily need new planets for them: we already have planets that look like they are made of 90% water, some of them could easily pass for the underground mission and I’m fairly certain there are some planets that look ice-like (and if not, there are frozen environments)



Really though, we do need these


We will see after the “quest” update, but true. The number of people suggesting it in last few months is growing steadily.


already suggested

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Why do we need planetary missions for them at all?

Just have them spawn in mid air or use a floating rock as a platform. Sheesh

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