I have a question?

Do you plan in the future to create remake for CI1
Because CI1 remastered I think it didn’t succeed
It also well be a good version of CI1

what makes you think of this statement?

I wasn’t so happy when I knew that CI1 well released remastered version
Maybe remake well be better so you can see different spacecraft and with some new weapons
But by keeping it the same version of original game
Also it just a question i asked

Ci1 in CiU:am i joke to you?

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Stick to the Anniversary Mission.


It didn’t have the same sounds effects and green ion blaster
And the best of all this the game is survival you can check your skills with more modern items


Here is a BETTER question:
Will iA update the existing standalone games or make an ENTIRELY new standalones?

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IDK but when CI1 reach 40 years old How do we celebrate this year

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Its up to IA

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With a special thing


Why i’m getting the error ‘‘Failed: There are no servers currently avaliable’’ if servers are avaliable? (I checked the servers and they said they’re working, yes i installed the new version of the game + Saddly, I cannot send the image of the error becuase new around the forum)

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It’s possible to get this message if:

  • The server is just starting up, and isn’t ready yet

  • The server is doing nightly maintenance which is taking longer than expected.

You probably just got unlucky. Is it working now?


Yes, It’s working now, thank you.

I’m thinking about buying a new ship with a higher weapon power limit. The ship H&C 301 Cockerel has 10 weapon power limit and I can afford it.
But it says: Minimal key gain bonus. What does that mean?
PS: I am German and my English is not good.


H&C spacecrafts have a key gain bonus that increases the percentage the game multiplies collected keys by after the mission is over. Other spacecrafts don’t have this bonus at all, they just receive as much as the mission intends to give. In case of H&Cs, 301 has the smallest bonus out of three, and 101 has the greatest bonus.


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