I have a question about this game


  1. What is the maximum amount of key can possibly drop in a single key rush wave?
  2. What is the maximum amount of atom and gift can possibly drop (by emenies dropped by boss) in a
    single boss wave (Egg cannon, Hend game, Egg city, Bossa nova, Henlley’s comet, Magnetic manipulator)?

LESS important question:

  1. How much is a percent score difference to gain a maximum dare points?
  2. Does Eggular Repulsor affect the abilities of collecting food, gift,…?
  3. Shady dealer’s items reset everyday, right?
  4. What is the fastest time in space race so far?
  5. Maximum weapon virtuosity in competition in 14%, right?
  6. Where’s the touhou music mod?
  7. What’s the minimum tier you can request a contact to tier 99 player?
  8. Is it allowed to disconnect 2 times in IM competition?
  9. Does overdrive make every weapon’s firerate 2x faster and heat 2x faster?
  10. How many key rush missions are there in CIU?

A1. It’s actually depends on your score and the amount of keys you collect from the chickens/enemies.

A2. You can get 1 atom from small bosses (I don’t mean they’re easy) like shoe 'em who’s the boss you’ll have the chance to get an atom or a gift after killing a chicken, but some bosses can give you more than 1 atom like the villain bosses (The Yolk-Star™ for example).

LIA1. Depends on the difficulty and the amount of dp your opponent have. (You can search in the forum if you the answer from iA).
LIA2. Didn’t try that, another member might answer this question.
LIA3. Yes.
LIA4. Check the space race leaderboard to see the fastest recruits alive.
LIA5. IDK, Sori…
LIA6. Ask the touhou mod creator (to get a better answer).
LIA7. “Adding players to contacts/squadrons is now disallowed if their tier is more than twice your own tier.”
LIA8. Nah, You can just disconnect for only 1 time, if you kept disconnecting then your run might be ignored, that means you got 0 score!! R.I.P :skull:, Good luck flying weekly challenge again…
LIA9. Yeah, Faster…
LIA10. Probably 20 Key rush missions (in the current galaxy).

In first of 2 questions, i don’t know exactly how much keys, but in my advice for you, you can collect 10 up to 12 keys each normal waves is enough for you. You can also note that there are some enemies that never drop keys (Asteroids, Bomb, Egg Barriers,…). And any bosses that you can collect items from the chickens (not the boss), there are 10 firepowers and 15 gifts is maximum (not including the item that drop from the main boss)
All other questions:
1- The maximum dare points is 20,00pts. So idk, you can try it by yourself
2- No, it doesn’t. Beside, the spaceship’s hitbox isn’t involving to the collect-item hitbox of your spaceship
3- I guess so.
4- In my memory, the top-1 leaderboard of Space Race is under 5mins. I think you don’t have to care about this because the fastest time in Space Race is different between each mission (that’s because of what waves/bosses make the player fly longer or faster).
5- Yes. But it’s just in the theoretical calculation.
6- Bro, using IAMT or something else to mod :skull: try to ask someone else

Well i guess it’s tier 50. (from the change in version 125)
8- Of course, because it’s a competitive mission, too.
9- Yes, it is
10- If i’m not wrong, there are 52 Keyrush missions in the current galaxy. (48 to 52, idk which number is exactly)

as I recall, the maximum keys that I have collected in a single wave is about 13 - 14 keys.


according to another player I know, the maximum disconnecting times in Ironman Comp is 3. So I think, 2 is okay.

btw, sry for my bad English :skull:

Bro :skull:
Disconnecting the game at 2nd time will get you disqualified.
And if the player disconnected at the time that there is no warning at pause menu, you are safe

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If you got disconnected (probably because bad internet connection) 1 time, you must be very careful or just don’t play if you have bad internet, iA should edit these rules because it’s kinda unfair.

Your English is not bad btw

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