I have >1GB but it needs more?

I wanted to play the game but it says it need 1GB of free space and that i only had 450-ish MB of free space, even though I have up to nearly 7GB of free space. Why does this happen? Does this relate to the “Other side closed connection” issue?

Would you explain more? Are you referring to the memory warning which says “requires at least 1.0GB”?, if so, it’s changed to warn you if you have less than 512MB memory. (this happened to make it less annoying)
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To explain it better, there’s a difference between disk storage space and RAM (Randomly Accessible Memory). The game most likely notified you that you had less than a gigabyte of free RAM (note: check your computer’s specifications, you can do it by right clicking “My Computer/This PC” > Properties.)

So even if you have enough free space on your hard disk, that’s not gonna be of much use when it comes to RAM.


If you’re referring to the RAM message, it’s probably because you have you’ve too many processes in the background, or your computer has low amount of RAM, try closing apps or insert more RAM. If you’re referring to your hard disk, you probably don’t have enough space in your hard drive, try delete unnecessarily files on your computer using Windows Disk Cleanup or delete the files by yourself

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