I got the same wave twice in a row

I got the same wave twice in a row “Intergalactic Guaranteed Delivery” in a droid raid mission called “Disguised Housetop”, I don’t care if i got the same wave but i want to know is that a bug or not (and also to let iA know about this).


It’s not impossible. The probability is ~0.01%.


Same here, I got 2 egg cannon in a row on Boss Rush, 2 Apple Core on Weekly Challenge (like 2 or 3 weeks ago).

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There’s very few waves to pick from in the droid missions so this should be semi common. (As far as I know, never played any and maybe more waves were added).


Sushi belt is an example, I didn’t remember exactly when it was added.

I think you’re right… 2 Delivery Rerouting in a row…

i had this with some random boss rush when i got TWICE INFINITY 2x times in a row

Ye i once was playing with starbrockle the wave was egg cannon confrontation after that wave I saw the same boss but in the right direction instead

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Bro basically ur lucky that a wave appeared twice! Because the RNG chose u this wave.

I remember when flying in an chicken invasion mission which has 2x “Shoot the Core!” and Egg Cannon boss waves.

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I also got 2 “Asteroids” in 1 classic mission so nothing unusual here

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same. It happened with me MANY times.

Me too i had mother hen ship two times

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guys, you know what is worse? getting egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade 2 times in a boss rush while using BX-class space ships (heavy bombers) they have big hitboxes.

Why is this topic still open, may I ask?

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