I don't wanna this( I just want to play the game)

Ummm, I have some questions. After I installed this game in the afternoon, I was so excited because I didn’t know that there is a beta of this game released before. So I installed this game, and when I entered this game, I see it’s pretty lag and also when I enter the game for playing, I cannot playing anytime. It’s always said that is( ‘Lost Connection’ or ‘Other Side Closed Connection’,etc).And sometimes I enter the game, it’s automatically say:‘Lost Connection’ .So my questions are:
1.Can we fix this and can you guys help me?
2.When I entered the forum and Interaction say that turn off the firewall, open the game in window site and I still can’t fix it, I also checked my connection and I think it’s good. What things it did wrong?
Bonus: I installed the game in v68.2, and my connection are normal.
* Wrote by MintieAn1107 (TY for helping me).

I assume you’re talking about lag when your cursor fills up. That’s the game loading stuff and it’s that hard because game contains almost everything from past episodes. You can change it to standard loading bar at the beginning to avoid lagging.
If the game lags even after loading is finished all you can try is adjusting graphics and in gameplay turn on “tone down effects” which might help.

What country are you at? Some people reported issues with particular countries cannot connect to server for some reason.

Nevermind I can’t read. 68.2 exists because 68.1 couldn’t connect to server.

i are not understondn’t

ok so what can’t you read??

I think new servers has some issues and some players can’t connect. Try a VPN that tunnels whole your device & apps.

Go to Options/Graphic/Advanced Options and change the display to borderless or full screen.

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nvm I can join the game now and sorry because my English is not good at grammar(I’m vietnamese). But another question that is:
When I’m using my laptop with the keyboard and I can playing it normal. when I plugged the mouse cord, it’s always say : Lost connection??( That’s mean I only can play without Mouse?)

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