I don't know why IA banned me

The thing is, I’m a very normal CIU player, I don’t use hacks, take advantage of game bugs or use vulgar language at all. But this afternoon I entered the game and found that I was banned for 1 month. I need IA to explain this (I don’t know how to report to IA so I’ll leave this post here)
My Ingame name: [VN] Klee

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That’s just a bug in the anti-cheat system which bans people who don’t cheat. Ask @InterAction_studios to unban you.

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You’re become another case of false ban. Don’t worry, this is a bug of Anti-cheat system, so you can ask for revoking the ban (and this is not applicable for anyone who actually cheated).

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Ban revoked.

This issue has been already fixed in v.133, but in the meantime please report these cases and I will unban them manually. Actually, I’ll issue a server-side emergency patch within the next hour.


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