I can't play CIU

It was fine before, but now, I can’t play it. This is what it always shows:

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@InterAction_studios Yeah, it’s my fault.
Please read my dm if you haven’t. If I set my exhaust to an unknown exhaust then save it, the server saves it and crashes your client.
Also, crashes all clients in the area.
It’d be cool if delete button deletes accounts with no email linked to them instantly for the server, so issues like these wont last long.


Oh, ok, thanks for the info.
When will it get fixed? eta?

When this issue is fixed.

I’m having the same issue. I changed my exhaust weeks ago and just today getting this error was well.

Your exhaust is fine, I just set my exhaust to an unknown exhaust by memory hacking, this makes everyone in the area crash because of my unknown exhaust

Did you have discord @iIfireIi


Come in I will show you

Unfortunately, the same situation is with me. I tried to reinstall but it wasn’t worth it.

Can ia just ban this guy {⊙-⊙} :).

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Long story short ilfire is destroying the servers for everyone

This could be solved by adding that exhaust to the next update (it’s probably not the best solution).

Sure, add an anniversary cake themed exhaust. Would be cool.

Jokes aside, this issue can be solved easily, iA just needs to check it out.


Is iA going to serve any punishment for this


I think he had his alt in crowded part of the map

This has now been fixed, please try again.

I don’t have a DM from you regarding this issue. :unamused:

It’s borderline, but no.


I did give you one, lemme redm you the link perhaps.

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Is the cause of this crash going to be fixed? The crash itself was, but what about the root?


It hasn’t been fixed yet, but it will very clearly need to be, and rather urgently.