I beat 7 lasers Yolk-Star™ with 1 live and invisible ship

Next time someone say it’s hard, send them this.


Are you using H&C 101?

Absolutely amazing!! What was the hardest part?

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Even if the ship is invisible and that there are no mountables, it’s still a cool challenge!

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Invisible ship. hmm #seemslegit (in all seriousness tho, the fight was awesome) especially those neat bonus clips

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UCO was :joy:
The problem is that you MUST shoot in order to see where you are. Some time ago I said that you don’t look at the ship too much during the game and this video used to be a proof of this fact.

Yes, legendary one. My setup is shown at the end of the video.


Yea, it was hard, but I mean at the yolk star?

Its hitbox is the smallest, so it’s perfect to dodge but a pain when collecting items :joy:

Toxic chicken’s cloud. You can’t see yourself which means you can’t move fast, or you will hit right in the cloud with very high chance.

Also, you have no right to overheat, or you are dead.

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I’m impressed! This is some serious skill and I envy you.

Now someone will beat it in a darkness mission just to make you look like a noob


are u challenging me?

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Congrats on beating the Yolk-Star™ without losing any lives and with an invisible ship. and teach me how to make a ship invisible pls


How is it possible that enemies see an invisible Spacecraft?

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It’s just invisible visually. the hitbox and the sprite of the ship is still there, so that’s why.

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do it again

I know that, but it looks ridiculous as chickens fly to nothing.

One question tho: why did you only use the ion blaster all the time?

You forgot to say also: with moron railgun. lel

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Maybe because is overpowered?

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Well yes, but i wanna see him answering tho.

This has been hard-fixed in this update so all existing invisible ships were returned to normal. :frowning:

iA ruined this joke now smh

Oh btw, engines can still be invisible. @InterAction_studios pls don’t fix

Or better, just give us exhaust opacity options.