I am banned because of nothing

i have a banned account
please i didnt cheat in the game i didnt do anything!!

You are never banned “because of nothing”. There is always a reason, and that reason is “cheating” in almost all cases.

What is the callsign on your banned account?


my callsign is QuipChad Hosny (around Hosny there are the arrows without the lines (IDK what its called))

please this is the type of my first played games (CI3,4) i cant get away from that game please

Well, your account currently shows 6 separate cheating violations. So it’s rather improbable that you “didn’t do anything”.



It should be banned forever (jk) but i dont love cheats the game aftercheating will be boring who wants to cheat? and if i want to cheat i will just change the amount of points to reach tier 99 (and i am tier 99)

The ruiners want to cheat, and yeah, the game community doesn’t except any cheater that mixed themselves into good player’s crowds.
Beside, after leaving Early Access era, we are now living and fighting in Cheating era, so not quite surprised :neutral_face:

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“I’m gonna hit a ban hammer right into your clucking ship for cheating”, the chicken said


I love you mentioned the motive for cheating as if everybody is not gonna ban you for that

This looks like a case of some cheater acting like a tough rule breaker in-game and then falling on their knees and begging IA to unban them despite having accumulated 6 cheating violations.

Solution: Uninstall your hacked clients and go touch some grass.


Note: Hackers are always punished, the only thing to do is stop hacking and never think about cheat hack anymore.
Go create a new account and play :smirk:

where’s your grass or i can bring some grass to your house :smirk:


Cheaters are spoiled kids that can’t understand the true joy of video games. They’re not conscious that the ultimate goal of cheating is to destroy and sadden them.

Virtual foolishness speaks when one starts using hacked clients.

Starbrockle, 2023.


Your first sentence in this year, oh my god, i am proud of you ! :wink:


dont worry i have a solution

Solution to unban yourself

go touch sum grass
-Eric, 2069


How cheaters/hackers pretending themselves not cheating? Simply using these methods
1: The refusal:
I didn’t cheat anything,

2: Cry and beg like a kid:
please I’m begging you pls unban me pls x3.14

3: Deluded
I’m clucking famous in this place so you have no permission to ban me you jerk

4: Herobrine boi

I have my rules power and I will control you with my power and my friends


I have only just realized that OP used two accounts.

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You guys done from making human rights posts?

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We have the right to post.

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Cheaters are already dealt with. You don’t need to write text walls of charade and act like a head of human rights.

Basically you are fueling the topic for something pointless.