Hypnotic Henotizer

Behold, Hypnotic Henotizer aka Hypno Chicken for short
Hypnotic Henotizer (1)
Before the fight with Henotizer, the Danger Zone appears in the middle
danger zone
A flash of pink light appears and the Boss will literally appear from the middle of the screen
danger zone
Now let’s move on to the attacks:

  1. Attack: This is one type of attack, but divided into 4 phases
    Phase 1: Henotizer sends a whole wave of pink lasers at you, but somewhere in between there is a randomly arranged slot through which you can safely fly. (Lasers fly from the top)

    Phase 2: Here’s an interesting thing, because Henotizer is hipnotizes you, Spacecraft is pointing to the right, the lasers are flying again, but now from the right!

    Phase 3: Now hypnotizes you to the left!

    Phase 4 and last: It hypnotizes you to the bottom.

    After these 4 phases, Spacecraft returns to its normal upright position. (Remember that he can be attacked at all times while hypnotizing)
  2. Attack: Creates an energy field of Hypnotism (You are only safe at the corners of the screen)
  3. Attack: In the final attack, shoot spheres of hypnotism aiming at you! Depends on the difficulty level (2-6).

I wanted to thank @Darth_Skembesion for creating the Danger Zone and helping with the Henotizer model, you are a great friend!
That’s all for today, stay tuned for more ideas… and one more thing… Don’t look him in the eyes!


You actually reminded me of this person , he called Yuri

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I like the idea, feels a bit similar to “The Henperor’s Apprentice” though. It spawns abnormally, rotates the spacecraft, and has an AoE attack. Would be cool if hypnotism actually did something other than damage the spacecraft.

Two suggestions:

  • Have the hypnotic field work like a temporary Anomaly Zone, except rather than “setting” a specific direction, it slowly spins your spaceship while you are in it. Then, leave this field on for the whole fight - making it a hazard, but also something you will need to use to your advantage during “Phase 1” if you want to deal maximum damage.
  • Also, have it occasionally summon Assassin chickens. If you wait too long to deal with them, it will hypnotize them all into aggression mode.

(Also, is it in scale for that image? Seems a bit big)


Oh ! Great idea. But how difficult is it?

The only thing similar is Hypno Attack. with the difference that there is safely on the left and on the right, and here only in the corners of the screen.

Why not.

The scale is normal, this Henotizer is a bit bigger than other big chickens, but enlarging it won’t hurt. I did what I could, I won’t change it for now, I’m already working on other ideas.

3 Attacks, 4 phases in first Attack… Boss is a bit difficult, I didn’t develop an environment and missions for him, but Boss Rush and Chicken Invasion for sure.

Slowing down and immobilizing is busy, let’s do, yes the field of hypnotism only kills you when you move slowly, so you have to move quickly so as not to be hypnotized. Although your suggestion is pretty cool, it would destroy all 4 phases of the 1st attack.


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