Hunter license

I have a question about the hunter license I’m thinking about purchasing it It says that I will get access to all the advanced spacecraft models in the galactic store does that mean that I will unlock them or I will own them? like I don’t have to buy any of them with keys?

No If you don’t have the chicken hunter license, buy the spacecraft module have chicken hunter license, it will contraband it as much twice the price it have

I have another question It says that it’s going to unlock the prestigious double team missions does that mean I need to have the license and my friend also in order to play multiplayer together?

if your friend has license,then yes

Yes, it also unlock the ironman competition

only one of us needs to have a license?

No, all of your friends need to have the chicken hunter license (for multiplayer)

ah ok so i gotta buy one for me and gift one to him too ok got it

well if only you and others who has license then they can play Ironman and double team

do I need to be in the same galaxy as my friend in order to play with him

No, you friends can be in any place

I have two licensed spaceships even though I never bought the license it’s because I purchased those a long time ago I think a year ago from the shop

Yep, I have a M408, BX-9 and a H&C 301 from a old version of CIU

I’m able to play multiplayer without the license

i got bx9 muller m408 from old times

chicken hunter license Is for double team and Ironman competition multiplayer.

nah im not buying it anymore i can still play regular multilayer thats what I wanted

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ok, sad for me…no multiplayer because my NAT is symmetric

I can’t do that
I don’t want it to mess up with my network game