HUD Progress Meter Cooldown Idea

In my opinion the HUD Progress Meter should have a cooldown time, like the overheating has.
I mean it looks a bit strange that it disappears on the end of every level and then appears again on the next one. This GIF demonstrates what I mean.

In my idea the Progress Meter would have a cooldown time on the end of every level, until the next wave starts.

Any suggestions?


I still like it to disappear and not cooldown, it will be a bit confusing to the overheat if it is too similar. During delay between waves, the progress bar should disappear because nothing is on the screen.


Small blink with disappear still would be cool

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How did you make the .GIF? I would like to make my own .GIFs.

Sony vegas can export animation in gifs. If you want to create animation then use something like Flash Pro(aka Animate)

You can also use Photoshop, GIMP or with this gif/apng plugin (though it doesn’t give you a lot of options).

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