HUD Meter: Health and New Insight: Attack

New HUD Meter: Health

1 Idea:

2 idea:

New Insight: Attack (Predicts upcoming attacks)

1 idea: Timer
2 idea: Icon
3 idea: Constant Glow until the upcoming attack or instant flash with sound warning (under the chicken)


Health HUD: It will most of the time be extremely cluttered for each enemy. As I can see you only show health for the egg barrier, but how would the game know which of the enemies is important to keep track of? Manual implementation would be a pain.
Attack HUD: Again can get really cluttered with timers. Icons better as they appear only when attacking. Flashes could probably tire your eyes, as well as a sound warning being very annoying each time a chicken drops an egg. You already hear the swoosh.

Chicken #1: 100%
Chicken #2: 49%
Chicken #3: 100%
Chicken #4: 100%
Chicken #5: 100%
Chicken #6: 100%
Chicken #7: 100%
Chicken #8: 100%
Chicken #9: 100%
Chicken #10: 98%

Uh-oh, screen edge…

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