HUD Interface elements

recently I changed the interface preferences and made letters black and left default HUD background, but for some reason these change doesn’t occur to the mission environment warnings, as if their color is unchangeable. Something doesn’t work correctly? I say it because some letter colors are nearly mixed with their HUD and sometimes it may be difficult to read them, at least for me.
Here is the example:

Example of the pause menu:

Tell me if someone has this problem.


I didn’t understand anything

Just a quick question, have you tried logging out and joining back after applying the changes?

I did but the problem is stiil here.

In that case I’ll try to do the same in few minutes.

Just the note: I used the 1-st preference of user text in color customization tab

Ah, I see the problem. You see, options 1 and 3 change the main text colour (like the score amount), but don’t change the secondary colour (small texts). 3-4 change the secondary colour from dark to light, and 2 is unique, because it changes all at once. I doubt it’s solvable unless iA separates them.

1 is hard to see on almost any colour.

I agree, to pick the color that the most suitable for the player always was a tricky task, but this case seems to be minor visual bug, it’s not critical but may be uncomfortable

But it’s just my assumption, I can only guess why this happens.

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