HUD for Special Weapons

There are 6 Special Weapons in CIU. Two of them (Damage Amplifier (DA) and Dimensional Phase-out (DP) last for certain amount of time. My suggestion is to add a bar that tells you how much time there is left on your used Special Weapon and the name of used Special Weapon. The colour of HUD will depend on the Mission HUD you are using. There are the examples (Pictures Below). It also can be bought in the store in category “Mountable”, where all the other HUDs are, and maybe name it “HUD Special Weapons” :slight_smile:

Why do I think this is needed in game? Well, in the middle of the fight it is hard to tell how much time there is left on DA or DP. Therefore, you can die. I myself found myself in situations, where it was hard to concentrate on DP life span and all the mess that was happening on my battlefield.

So, that’s about it. I already apologize for the bad illustrations on pictures, just wanted you to briefly understand what would it look like in game. Waiting for your comments on this idea. Hope you’ll love it!

Edit: can someone tell me how to upload these pictures so you don’t have to download them, please?

Edit 2: Thx for the advice! Will remember it for future


This idea’s cool

You need to copy the image and then paste it here

Isn’t there already an insight that does this?


Oh. That’s great! Didn’t know it is a thing. Will immediately buy it. I guess there is no point in having this topic so will delete it in 5-10 minutes. Thanks!


Sorry, but only TL4 users can do that, unless if you mean posts, then you can delete them, but not topics…

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Wait, i don’t get it. Is this a topic or a post?

Yes, this is a topic. topics can’t be deleted unless you are Trust Level 4. but posts can be deleted.

Understood. I guess this will just be closed after 14 days, so we’ll just wait for that. Thanks for the information about Trust Levels however, didn’t know these exist.

You are welcome.

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