how to join chicken invaders UNIVERSE (EARLY ACCESS)

Download the installer from the pinged thread.
Install it.
Open the game.
Start a mission.
Keep doing missions all you want to.


ok thank you

Here’s some tips for you:

  1. The game is much more difficult than the other CI games save for CI 1 and 2.

  2. The safe zone found during the final phase of the Henterprise in Hend Game is now removed, the lasers will now fire in that spot.

  3. The Iron chef will now always swing down enough to kill the player even at the very bottom.

  4. Lives are not gained by points, but by keys and you’ll get 10 lives with 50 keys. Food will not get you missiles, you’ll have to buy them with keys as well. You can sell food in space burger joints.

  5. Supernova debris are no longer one-shot deals. This means that photon swarm, which was OP against debris in CI4 is not as effective as before.

  6. Many of the new bosses will have quick surprise attacks so keep your eyes open for a surprise move.

That’s all I have for you now.

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That’s subjective. I personally felt that ci3 was much harder than ci2, or any other ci episode for that matter(except ci1). So personally, I’d put ci3 on the list instead of ci2. Or just both.

Agreed. But a possible way to counter this is to use the bomber because it really adds up to the DPS.
So yeah, use bomber in supernova missions. It’s really useful,and its limited movement isn’t as bad there.

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Yeah, CI3 is definetly the hardest of the three later. Henterprise and Egg Cannon feel like you could fight them both at the same time, Yolk Star instead is nightmare fuel.

However, I wouldn’t straight up on saying that CIU is hardest than the previous games, because you are in control of that (well, except on SSH that it gets out of control easily) with the skill levels. Low enough skill factor leaves you a really easy experience, for example you can find yolk stars with 4 lasers instead of the standard 5.


Theſe depend on the miſſion difficulty.


thank you i love chicken invaders

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