how do i can fix lag

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By closing other applications, having a better internet or getting more RAM

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Running the game on lower settings always works, but you’ll have to bear with the game not looking too good. Try to run the game in windowed, it also helps add additional frames.

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Lag? On Chicken Invaders??

Sometimes when people say lag, they may be referring to different kinds of issues.
Lag by definition is connectivity issues, if you have those, it’s either server-side which can only fix itself or it’s on your side. The only ‘fix’ for lag is to get a better internet connection. Assuming all your hardware such as cables and routers are properly installed, the only way to improve your connection is by getting a better internet provider.

And now, if by lag you meant performance issues, well, unless for some reason you are playing on a notebook, you need a damn better computer/laptop.
Having performance issues on Chicken Invaders in 2021 is laughable at best.

And assuming you know how to use a computer properly, just as the others said, close off anything unnecessary that may consume performance or network, as well as lowering the settings in-game.
This isn’t as much as a fix as it is common sense.


People may not be tech savvy or might not have enough money for a decent laptop. It could be anything, so let’s not insult people for it. I would like to see what specs OP has though, because sometimes it can be a problem in CPU (for example AMD processors sometimes choke randomly on some games) or something else.


No insults anywhere my friend.

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Ah, I thought the “laughably” portion may be an indirect insult. It was a mistake on my part, so sorry about the misunderstanding.

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or you can just download the ram you lack

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…no? You cannot? Sure the USB as RAM option does exist but downloading RAM???

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I think Reggy knows how, he told me it was possible


yes you cans downsloads free rams omline 4 free!!!1111!!!


Maybe, but I will say that it’s not unusual to hear of Photon Swarm causing lag ever since the homing mechanic got implemented.

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Exactly how bad is your PC I’m genuinely concerned for you at this point now


when i do supernova with a boomer, it does lag thanks to the great processor of intel called core2duo

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