How weapon will be strong?

Hi guys.
So that I used Neutron Gun and Utensil poker
Just like @Orandza he using a Utensil poker.
What about weapon will be strong?
Ah. Yes. I have a poll if everyone wanted to vote.
How weapon will be strong?:slightly_smiling_face:
Vote here!

  • Utensil Poker
  • Neutron Gun
  • Vulcan Chaingun
  • Corn Shotgun

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I dont know what is this for? But i voted with vulcan, because there’s no positron stream.

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You lied to me…

Just don’t make too much post

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Neutron Gun and Utensil poker is very powerful, but for different situation:
Neutron Gun, for fast kill ugly Armored Chicken and Chickenaut, accurate kill of UFO enemies
Utensil poker for all enemies, for meteors and bouns challenge, for High-Speed Chase

I accidentally pressed Utensil Poker, but Corn Shotgun is my main now.

Kek, Plasma and Neutron has same attack element: Good against U.C.O. Space Crabs.
Positron is for enemies that have resistance to Neutron and Plasma: Twinfinichicks (OK I want to call 'em like this) Clown Chicken and all barriers.

Neutron gun and Utensil Poker are very powerful weapon. So too are the vulcan chaingun and the corn shotgun. However, it depends on the situation and difficulty. In easy difficulty, all 4 weapons would do equally well. However, at higher difficulty, the Neutron Gun and the Utensil poker outclasses the Vulcan chaingun and the corn shotgun.

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The Utensil Poker is almost mandatory on missions with higher difficulty levels. The damage and spread it has is quite powerful, it’s overheat rate is rather slow, and is usually enough to kill higher difficulty chickens within 3 forks. (The carving forks. Two-pronged.)

As for the Neutron gun, it’s almost as powerful, just that it has a faster overheat rate, and straight fire. Also, it’s slightly weaker than Utensil poker. I’d say that this is the alternative for Utensil Poker.

As for the chaingun, it’s kinda situational. It can still kill pretty well, just that the heat can become a problem if you don’t fire it like a weapon from CS:GO (Just fire for at most 1 second, stop for a moment, and fire again). It’s overheat is not entirely useless though, it does pretty well on asteroid waves.

Corn Shotgun on the other hand… Do not get it until you have at least 8 firepower. The reload rate of it at lower power levels is Slowwww. However, at power level 10, it’s nearly instant. It’s damage is slightly stronger than Neutron Gun at 20 firepower, and it’s overheat rate is very slow.

Does that help you?

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Corn Shotgun has no overheat if you don’t hold fire button.


It alſo has no aiming capability.