How to make realistic strobes?

I’m trying to create a pair of strobes to act like real plane lights going white right wing, green right pod, red left pod, white left wing and loop , but they always end up desyncing. can someone tell me what settings I need to have them at to keep that loop going?

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Hey there, 4-FX the Spacecraft Customization Expert here! Have you tried these yet?

They come in handy if “timing” between each separate strobe is what you’re looking for. Try experimenting with them a little bit until you get what ya need, they always work for me when i want my strobes to go blink clock-wise and counter-clock-wise, it takes some time but you’ll get the hang of it!


Specially but most specially “Repeating period”.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are my savior! I figured out my settings and it was exactly the settings you said.

For anyone who wants the exact settings to recreate the strobe pattern I wanted (and achieved) it’s as follows:
the white strobes 11 pips on repeating period (half bar) + 2 from that on port/starboard staggering and 0 phase
for the green and red ones it’s the same repeating period but - 4 on staggering and -3 pips from max on phase


4fx bro i want to make a rainbow ghost trail can you help me

I have a neon rainbow style, DM me on discord if you want. :wink:


Well i can only come there in wednday dm in forum

Glad to help man, Happy customizin’!

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Hey bud, if you want rainbow trail here it is

Just add red with green and you will have rainbow trail


He can use more than one trail too (to add more colors) but it’ll be expensive for non-CHL recruits :confused:


Most efficient way to save Keys for non-CHL users. Good build!

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Me i have chl

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