How to make mode?

I want to make a mod but how do I make it and using which program?



haha u cant boi

no what?

and why haha


Make your own mod loader and then code your mods (haha yes)

Uh, how can you code your mods

Learn c#

That’s a good idea, but I think C++ could do the job a bit better

I know c++ but i dont think c++ Is that good

ciu was coded in c++

c# better change my mind


You see, C++ is intrinsically, scientifically, and ICT-wise the best language of all, as it has been used to bring about a new beginning to the era of the Empire of Microsoft. When Bill Gates first thought of C++, many have said that the reason was the weakness of C#, in terms of Cross-Platform OOP, and they were and are right.

Oh don’t you worry mate, C# is coming back onto the cross platform scene slowly but surely with newer .net releases!

Did you get the latest .NET version? If you did, then good for you, because nowadays, most open-source C# projects on Github don’t even work with the older .NET versions.

Same can be said about the c++ redistributables, huh? You also need the proper version to run the program you want to run

At least you don’t need dozens of GBs to install them, their installations are even faster.

You don’t need dozens of gbs for .net either, oh and by the way, .net allows you to write in many different languages, the choice is yours! Meanwhile C++ is only… well, C++, to add onto that, C# programs can for example use Visual Basic dlls and vice versa, same goes for every other .net language there is, glorious. Oh and C# can also use C++ files when needed, so you can combine the awesomenness of both languages

everyone knows fortran is the superior programming language get out of here with that C bs :roll_eyes: