How To Get Unlimited Food (Only In Beta Version)

To Get Unlimited Food You Need To Follow This Steps:

Step 1: Go to Ci5 and when you are in the game press Shift + 0 and you will teleport to the chapter 10.

Step 2: The waves that you can get unlimited food are: 92,94,96 and 97 press 2 or 4 or 6 or 7 to teleport on this waves.
I recommand the wave 96 (Palpitant Grid) In that wave is more chickens.
Enjoy collecting foods!!


have fun to be disconnected

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Please remember that the beta version is using an entire different server so all the food you collect in the beta version won’t be added to your account… Bruh

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That does not grind more foods in BETA version.

And as hieudang said:

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The BETA Server does not use the same save as the one on the Normal Servers.

Whatever you do in BETA won’t be reflected in Normal, and vice versa.

Who will grind food in BETA version? :confused:

Just don’t react to this stuff.

I know but to grind on beta on food

What’s your purpose about this topic, or getting food in BETA, while you won’t get any resources from BETA to LIVE? Everything you made in BETA will be lost.


BETA version is different from original version, so grinding food on BETA is useless

I believe the point of this topic is for you to get keys easily through food, so you can test stuff in the beta verson if you don’t already have keys for stuff without the grind. Yes, it’s useless when it comes to making progress, but maybe op just wanted people to have an easier time testing stuff in the beta while they can. Idk how efficient this method is but the op is clearly aware the progress doesn’t get carried over to regular builds, I don’t get why you guys keep repeating the same stuff even when they clearly stated they’re aware of it.

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Simple : if you want to get a lot of food then easy step is play a squawk block with 40-50% difficulty . at least you will get more than 200 food.

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