How to gain more keys

I want to know how to get lots of keys and i heared hc hatchling gives more keys but how i just did every mission it was like every spcaecraft

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you know what is for squawk block food farm SSH lower Difficulty but 100k food and more keys or buy CHL any Double Team Max Duration/Difficulty then buy special weapon or BX-9 legend and at least satelites barbequer/microgun because of Damage Amplifiers and DPO for something or then you know that fast from keys :smirk:. Also Key Rush SSH this is one game don’t not fail because but in one game or find any mission.

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Oh, so Key Rush in SSH mode, I should fail the mission then.
Double Negative heh

That won’t give you more keys, it just wasting more keys by buying those continuously, especially if you rely on special weapons that much.

I actually agree a part. It works probably.
Just, only Amps is enough, no need for DPOs.

buy it from shady dealers then.


And where to find retro inveders mission i havent flight even once

it’s a wormhole’s get retro invaders find it.

0% - 40% SSH or not SSH 40% - 60% squawk block food farm (sell it in reach 140k food any prices chance after every days more keys.)

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Retro missions can be found in wormholes (you might need an off-road license)

To enter a wormhole you require:
Event Horizon Stabilizer
Gravity Nullifier

Or if you lucky enough you can find someone hosting a Retro mission

Easier said than done

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Amplifier and a precise movement/shot will work.

Not every dealers has stuffs we need.

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