How to fire your weapon with satellites at the same time in the mobile?

I guess you can’t do it on mobile so my idea is to add a new satellite firing mode in settings, when you use this mode and click on the satellite fire button you make it automatic so you can fire your main weapon with satellites

Also if you clicked on the satellite fire button again it will stop the automatic mode, its like automatic-on and off satellite fire button so you turn it off in easy waves and on in massive one

I think this would help mobile users to use satellites more especially if you are using mini-gun and barbecuer

Thanks for reading, hope everyone understood the idea:)

Controls, touch screen, satellite fire mode — automatic.

Yeah but what about the easy waves that don’t require satellites to use? My idea is to use automatic in need only like massive waves, boss rush and etc, its like automatic-on and off satellite fire button, you didn’t understand my idea

Automation sometimes is unreliable to your best bet is to use 2 buttons

Work around this would be swap your controls when you just started flying a mission

It will be only one button swaps between automatic mode and non-automatic mode, it won’t take from you one second to swap from automatic to non-atomatic and vice versa while you playing the mission

So a “toggle” button in game to fire satellite with main simultaneously/separately?


Exactly. A button swaps between automatic or non automatic and vice versa while you playing the game.

Thanks for making the idea simple to be understood

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I use a second finger to fire my main weapon and a button to fire satellites.
While microgun doesn’t work well in some waves like this, the other 3 are absolutely fine. (I use barbequer mostly for defense)

Hm… interesting but some people can’t play with 3 fingers so my idea will help you satisfy while trying to use the main with satellites and many other mobile users

Thanks for replying.

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