How many players do you think will be the game's peak of popularity?

The title pretty much sums my question.
So how much would it be in your opinion?

Also, how many people would but the Hunter’s licence it the game’s peak of popularity?

Also No.2, how much time will the game last until the servers will shut down in your opinion?

I think that there will be around 50000 to 100000 registed players (since it will be “free”), with about 1000-5000 active players at once.

Those numbers are very high, but look at how much downloads CI3 has on google play - millions!

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And people with Hunter’s lisences?

All of these questions are really hard to answer, since the game hasn’t released yet. I am hopeful though, that more than just the base fanbase of CI will play it.


Well, according to SteamSpy 20-50k users bought Cluck of the Dark Side on Steam.
Of course this is not official data, to take it with a grain of salt.