How it feels to play CIU with a pro controller

Fist, I’ll just say that I used the nintendo switch pro controller for this, so anything that I say may affect only my controller and not a PS4 or xbox1 controller for example.

So, how is it?
Short answer: great when it works, horrible if you don’t know what to do

Long answer: when the controller works, it feels so great to play the game, especially if you want to sit in a chair instead of being 0.00000000000001 meters from the screen all the time (I don’t know how to say it in English, but I think that you can see what I mean). It feels great in the hand, the grip feels nutral, and everything is just perfect.
The setup on the other hand? Oh my, was It hard, but it was pretty much my fault because I did everything like an idiot. :laughing:
First, I just tried to use the controller and it didn’t work, than I added CIU to steam as a shortcut (so I could use the controller). Did it work? Yes. BUT there was a problem. The sensitivity was way too low, so I changed it to how I liked it and the first problem got solved. The second problem wat that for some reason, if I would travel from point A to point B and hold the shoot button, after a would release that button I would teleport back to point A. I tweaked the joystick configuration a bit and that that problem didn’t appear and after that the controller worked perfectly. :grin:
I recommend you to try and play with your controller if you have one too, but just know that maybe you will have to tweak some settings before everything works fine.

I will make a tutorial if enough people will ask me to.


Nevermind, I’ll make a tutorial even if nobody will ask me because I have nothing better to do with my life.