How exactly is Pecking Order calculated?

Hi all,
Trying to improve my scores (especially for dailies & weeklies) and pecking order seems inconsistently calculated. I know it’s for hitting chickens in the order they appear, but it certainly doesn’t apply for all waves, and it’s not always airtight either.
Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Is there a way of knowing which chickens I need to hit?

IDK :joy:
But you can get a lot of pecking order in The Replacements wave

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“A lot”? That’s the understatement of the new year. You can get tons :joy:

(Although from a competitive perspective that’s not great because everyone tends to get those ones.)


Does it count at an exploit for points?(IA should rebalance the point bonus system)

Why would it count as an exploit? I mean, yeah, you can get points from it, but…that’s kinds the point, isn’t it?


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