How does the difficulty scaling work?

I’ve had times in which I was able to complete an Elite mission that was 4x5 no deaths on SSH… But how in god’s name did a mission that had an insanely rigged u.c.o. that continuously rammed into me with no time to react and killed me 3 times in a row considered just Hard?

when you start a mission it tells you the duration and the percentage of difficulty you have to rely on that, if a uco is very fast in maneuverability then the difficulty was very high

yeah but in that elite mission i had a 6-cannon yolkstar at wave 5, isn’t that a bit weird


well, early waves are easier, and the difficulty increases gradually in later waves

and choosing higher skills like superstar hero increases the difficulty of the mission and the chance of stronger enemies appearing in the mission

More difficulty means tougher enemies,so considering that ssh increases the difficulty,yeah,the enemies will be tougher most of the time.
Btw,ssh also increases enemy projectile speed,as well as key spawn rate and you get more score at the end of the mission for playing it.

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