How do i get the most out of key rushes?

I recently found a key rush mission and i dont know if i should play it now or wait until i have better items.

I have:
Lvl 6 utensil poker
Hatchling(starter ship i dont remember the name)

Also are key rushes playable only once?


Yes, they are just like daily challenges so don’t surrender and make sure that you are prepared for it before flying the mission, also keep in mind that in key rush missions keys appear 500% so don’t be quick in the waves to earn more keys(that’s all I know about them).


Does difficulty have an impact on the drop rate in Key Rushes? Is it worth the risk?


It does, when I found one I played it at veteran.

The drop rate buffs/debuffs from skill levels also apply to Key Rushes. If you play it on Tourist, the keys do not spawn as much. If you play it on SSH, the keys spawn way more often.

If you really want the most out of the Key Rush, play it on SSH and use a H&C 101 (it has 18% equipment perks, so you get more keys). However, the H&C 101 has only 6 item slots, so I recommend getting extra slots first so you can bring more stuff. All ships have a maximum of 30 slots, which means 24 extra slots (the max you can purchase) for the 101. You won’t need THAT much though, but I recommend getting them when possible, just for convenience sake.

As for what you should bring to the Key Rush, I recommend you bring at least 10 lives and a lot of phase outs (At least 30, which means 10 slots) just to play it safe, because Epic Waves tend to show up in those missions. Plus, you really don’t want to fail the mission, as it’s a one time mission. If you game over on the first wave or later, or surrender after the first wave, you won’t be able to replay the Key Rush. This is why you’ll want to bring as many safety nets as possible.


If you’re busy, you can end session to play it later.

But then the game will update for sure…

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