How do I get the "Certified", "Licensed" badge?

How can I complete the “interactive user tutorials” and get these badges?

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Go into that first message with that discobot thing and complete that “tutorial”

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Um,it’s not just that.
You need to type “@ discobot start advanced user” in your DMs with the bot.(but @ and discobot should be typed without a space)


I typed that before the edit was made aaaaaaaa

Thanks, I finished the first one (I’ve used the forum for 7 months):

This didn’t take much time at all…

I’m at quoting stage and i got a problem
when i quote a text and try to send it this happens

Discobot says that you have to say something extra, not just quoting one of the statements.

ah okay,sry i’m blind as hell

yay I got it too

Oh I got it too!


And now I epic winned

First he forces me to use emoticons, then he blackmails me into liking his picture, and now he’s throwing around horrible obscenities. What a twat, he really is.

[EDIT] Oh, now he’s taking it too far.

[EDIT2] Problem resolved.

[EDIT3] You can absolutely bet that I will after I’m done.


I never want to see you or your bloody capybara again.


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