How can I get rid of locks?!

How can I get rid of this sh*ts !?

I mean that locks!
What are them?
They’re not just in my callsign!

ship names!
Translate search!
Help me please! :sob: :sob:
Thanks !

try disabling anonymous mode


can you give me screenshot?

You have to de-select “Anonymize player”


Thanks a lot!

you’re welcome

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@InterAction_studios This seems to be happening to a lot of people - perhaps the in-game tip needs to be more clear as to what the option does? It’s not enabled by default, so people are going in, choosing to enable this, and then not realizing what it’s done. I know because I was one of said people. :joy:

I know that when I did this, I was thinking things like email address and whatnot. I didn’t think that my spaceship names would be “personally identifiable” so I think the current tip ends up being a bit confusing.

In the meantime, perhaps it belongs in the FAQ.


Was this enabled from the day when you first installed the current version of CIU?

If so, this feature needs to be disabled by default.

@Kylo-Hen’s right.
I thought this option will hide this parts in screen recording!

I remember now!

Anonymize is OFF by default.

Improved the UI hint to clarify what it does in v.80 (:earth_americas: needs translation)


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