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For hosted multiplayer games allow us to add requirements, Like Multiplayer game, All players will be quipped with Absolver Beam (or weapon of choice) upon joining or they cannot join until they equip that weapon or if they don’t own it, Game gives them Absolver Beam with 0-2 Power. Same with ships like All ships will be same, So If Someone wants to do Mjölnir party, Players upon joining will be equiped with that ship, Those who don’t have that ship will not be able to join.

Just an idea so I can see All players who join me are using Corn shotgun and my hosted game can be annoying and painful to complete! or All players who join me for Boss Rush like missions are using Absolver Beam or some good killer weapon upon joining!

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Only absolver then no and even who is gonna do a mission with 0_2 powers with ssh

what about if players picked up other weapon gifts that is dropped from the enemies? that means they can pick any other weapons if any drops

the ship requirement is a fairly good idea, so people won’t have to change their name to have specific ships join their game

i think it’s just an example? the host can choose any weapon requirements on the mission that they’re hosting

one of the examples is absolver beam, if a person doesn’t have it, they won’t be able to join the mission

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Not only example we cant do a 100% ssh with 0-2 powers

iA mentioned somewhere that this feature will be in the game.


You join with 0-2 power, In Battles you can pick up power and be more powerful like 10+10 etc. Majority of hosts are good enough to let you take power… It is very small number of people who will not let you take power in their hosted game.

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So ok maybe just better

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