Homing gun

Corn Sotgun,not Hypergun,which is one of those near-perfect weapons,along with Vulcan Chaingun,Photon Swarm(not lying,that thing is amazing except for power progression),Riddler(could be improved on normal waves,but is very fast when it comes to bosses) and Lightning Fryer(which is just underrated).


So dumb gun goes to hypergun instead? Well sir, allow me to agree.

No,that honor goes to moron railgun.
I left out Hypergun on purpose because I couldn’t think of anything.

The Council will decide my fate,as Utensil Poker was not mentioned as near perfect(it’s not perfect).

Hypergun is better than the other automatic weapon you mentioned(photon swarm). That’s what I got from testing them,anyways. Hypergun is simply far better.

Photon Swarm deals more damage on low and high power (Hypergun has a higher DPS on :zap:3-9) and overheats more slowly, but it’s more spread out. Hypergun is more focused but it overheats faster and does less damage.
Neither of them are worth using before :zap:20, and even then they’re not even in the top 5 DPS-wise. They’re actually at number 6 and 7 respectively.

Yeah,it seems that hypergun’s much more accurate power is what makes it generally better.


Instead of being main weapon, I would turn in into satelite. So yeah, means that it has limited shots.

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